What we’re good at?

We leverage your first-party data to tailor exclusive offers specifically for you and your customers. Through three marketing channels, we strategically target your audience with repetitive messaging, creating a compelling one-time sales event that directs traffic to your business. This approach goes beyond a generic strategy; instead, it focuses on precision targeting and activation to maximize results.

Target Your Database

We exclusively focus on your existing database, engaging with individuals who are already familiar with you and your processes. These are not new contacts; instead, they are your established clientele with whom you already have a relationship.

Email Marketing - Same Offer

Resend the identical exclusive offer to the same client, reinforcing the one-time nature of the sales event and emphasizing its exclusivity. We will drop one email a week leading up, the day prior, and the day of the event.

Direct Mail - Exclusive Offer

Mail exclusive invitations to your customers for a special one-day sales event, emphasizing its unique benefits and fostering a deeper connection.

Connected TV & Digital

Validate the initial person database by cross-referencing it with our connected TV and digital streams. This ensures a repeated delivery of the identical message and offer to the same customer.

Three Day Call Event

Following the targeting of your selected database, we initiate a three-day phone marathon involving your sales staff. This serves as an additional avenue to reach your customers with a consistent message. Our goal is to energize and empower your sales team to boost success. The word tracks are streamlined and effective. Leveraging a comprehensive approach, we've already utilized mail, three email campaigns, and consistent messaging through digital and connected TV advertising to engage your audience.

How will you benefit?

This event is meticulously crafted, ensuring a seamless experience with no gimmicks and the satisfaction of every customer involved. Our commitment goes beyond the event itself; we are dedicated to working closely with you to provide comprehensive training, ensuring that the strategies discussed become seamlessly integrated into your operations. This collaborative approach aims to empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to make the event not only successful but a catalyst for ongoing success.

During the event, we will delve into an in-depth exploration of the tools you already have at your disposal. This is not just a presentation; it's a hands-on opportunity to discover how to optimize and maximize the potential of these tools. Our goal is to provide you with a tailored game plan that aligns with your unique business needs, unlocking the full potential of the resources you possess. As we guide you through this process, our focus remains on creating an effective and sustainable framework that will continue to benefit your business long after the event concludes.

Immediate Sales Increase
Increased Efficiency
No Gimmick Strategy
Customer Retention
Effective Sales Training
New Useful Game Plan

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